ARC Review: Brilliant Cut by Elisa Marie Hopkins


What do you do when home is a person, not a place?
Where do you go when the person is gone?

Desperate for a new beginning, Sophie Cavall trades Manhattan for Brooklyn, where she meets someone new. He’s a fun-loving man, hardworking and good with kids, but a run-in with her former flame revives a yearning Sophie thought was long buried.

Even if it meant facing death alone, Oliver Black did the only thing he could think of to keep the woman he loves safe and out of the limelight: break her heart.
But this time, there’s no way in hell Oliver is letting her go.

The real enemy is closing in. The last piece of the puzzle may prove to be the most dangerous of all.

In the third and final installment to the Diamond in the Rough series, Elisa Marie Hopkins explores love, loss, forgiveness, and the perseverance of two characters facing extraordinary challenges. There might just be light at the end of the tunnel…


e-ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Brilliant Cut was the perfect end to a fast-paced, incredibly entertaining series about love, loss, and everything in between. I fell in love with Sophie and Oliver in A Diamond in The Rough, and saying goodbye to them at the end of Brilliant Cut was bittersweet.

This was definitely my favourite book of the series, hands down. I didn’t want to put it down. It seemed like bomb after bomb was dropped in every chapter which kept me on my toes for the entirety of the story.

Sophie has grown so much from the moment she met Oliver in ADITR. Fast forward a couple of books and now she’s engaged to Adam, has published a book, has twins, and is incredibly successful. You go, Soph!

When it came to Adam… Listen, it wasn’t like I didn’t like him. I did for the most part, but what can I say? He wasn’t Oliver.

Loose ends were tied, relationships were explored, and (mostly) everyone got the happy ending they deserved. There were a lot of ups and downs for the of the beloved characters and not everyone made it out alive. This was the perfect finale and I was so thrilled with the outcome of the series.

Once again, I was thoroughly impressed with Elisa’s writing. While this was the last book in the series, I am so looking forward to her future projects!

I gave Brilliant Cut 5/5 stars. You can add it on Goodreads here.




Elisa Marie Hopkins was born in California, where she grew up, to Mexican parents. She is an avid reader, Netflix geek, dancing machine, and cat aficionado. Hopkins has a Computer Science Engineering degree, but doesn’t consider herself a software guru. What she wants most is to write and share stories that have the power to inspire and motivate, stories that will live in the hearts of readers forever.



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