Reunited With YouTube

Back in February I uploaded what a few weeks later I decided was my last YouTube video. I wasn’t loving it anymore, so I chose to stop creating videos. Considering school was insanely busy and I didn’t have a lot of free time, I know I made the right choice.

Fast forward five(ish) months. I’ve been sitting at home most days with nothing to do. That’s a lie. There are things to do, but I have little motivation to do anything. From the time that I moved back home from school for the summer at the end of April, I’ve had a few ups and a lot of downs. Two weeks after I returned home, my dad passed away. It was unexpected and incredibly heartbreaking.

Fast forward two months. We had a beautiful Celebration of Life for my dad, and I am so thankful for the amount of love and support I’ve received from my friends and family. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about my dad and miss him like crazy, but I’m working through it. I’m trying my hardest to remember the happy times, and let the sad, difficult times go.

A lot of what has helped keep me going is reading and writing; things I’ve always loved are what became my safe place. I’m spending more time reading and writing, working on my blog, and now I’m very excited to announce my return to YouTube.

Things are going to be a little different this time. If you followed me in the past you know I posted videos like book hauls, reviews, tags, etc. My new channel is targeted more towards my journey as a writer.

Videos I have in the works include…

  • Writing Updates
  • Writing Tips & Tricks
  • Writing Tags
  • Hauls (books, etc.)
  • And MORE

I am so excited to share my writing journey with you, and I can’t wait to start making more videos!

What videos would you like to see on my new channel?

Check out my new video HERE: an introduction, and what to expect from Living Within Fiction on YouTube!









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