Why I’m Considering Self Publishing

This post should really be titled “Why I’m Considering Self Publishing, And Why It Scares The Crap Out Of Me”, but I figured that would be a bit of an overkill.

I’ve been writing since 2011. I’ve completed one full manuscript that I started in February of 2011 titled The Devil’s Waltz. I’ve edited it to death, sent it out to friends and beta readers, and rewrote quite a bit of it based on beta feedback and personal preference.


It was the first writing project that I decided was going to be a real thing. I’ve gone through so many ideas, and started writing so many stories, but this was the first one I wrote to completion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.37.51 PM

I took breaks here and there through the years to work on other things, but I returned to this story because my characters would NOT shut up. I had to give them their story, and honestly, I needed to find out what happened to them.

I first considered self publishing when I saw that some of my favourite writers (who self pub) were extremely successful. However, I’ve also seen cases where writers who self publish aren’t successful, and I guess that is a big part of what scares me.

I understand that self publishing is a ton of work. The writer is responsible for hiring (and paying for) and editor, a book cover designer, and maybe even someone to help with marketing.


I’m going into my second year of college, and due to unfortunate circumstances I’m not working right now. I don’t have the money to self publish at this time, and that sucks. Sure, that gives me more time to obsess over editing and such, but it’s still a bit discouraging.

Another reason I’m leaning towards self publishing is control. I want the last word when it comes to cover design and cuts that need to be made. This is my work, my story to tell, and I want to tell it my way. So self publishing seems like the best route for me at this point.

Something that makes me unsure about self publishing is how I’ve seen other self published books look. I mean, some of the covers I’ve seen are so terrible I can understand why the writer isn’t successful. I don’t want my cover to look like a high school kid in a graphic design class threw something together in under an hour without even knowing what the book was about.

I know there are ways to ensure this doesn’t happen to me, like hiring a decent cover designer, but the fear is still there.

One fairly big downfall to self publishing is the fact that I won’t see my book on the shelf in any bookstore (except maybe my local bookstore). It’s been a dream of mine since I started writing to be able to walk into a Chapters and see my book there, so I guess that’s something I’ll have to sacrifice if I choose the self publishing route.


There are so many things to consider when deciding which way to go when it comes time to publish, and right now it’s driving me insane.

Fellow writers, have you considered your options? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let me know.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Considering Self Publishing

  1. I’ve definitely considered self-publishing, but I have the same worries! It can be quite pricey, and having all that work and money not pay off is a little frightening. But at the same time, there are tons of books on how to do it, giving tips and such, so that could always be an option. 🙂
    For me, I don’t think I’d really think about doing it until I’ve submitted my book to many publishing houses. I really want my books on shelves, so it wouldn’t be my first choice.

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  2. Just found this, and I feel you 100% As someone who did at least 5 years of studying the traditional market and learning how to query, etc. I finally decided that I want control. I’m going into my second year of college too, and am also not working (though not for lack of trying). Regarding costs (once you save up money for the 2 most important ones: editing and cover, in that order), it’s actually not that hard to find reasonably priced cover artists who love working with Indies. Jennifer Munswami of Rising Horse Creations has done most of my covers, but every so often I go with another artist just because I find a perfect premades. If you need any suggestions, feel free to DM me on Twitter @AuthZH. Also, choose free options like CreateSpace rather than any sites that require an upfront fee until you know you have enough money to do so & that you’ll make that money back.

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