ARC Review: Burning Muses by J.R. Rogue



I’ve burned muses.
I’ve felt little remorse.
I stored our tales.
I sold them for this life—
this luxury,
this ease.
Their sighs and lies
led me to believe they
enjoyed the dance too.
I’ve burned muses.
I laughed at those tales.
Then I met him.


I received an ARC of Burning Muses from the author in exchange for an honest review. After following Jen on Instagram for a while, I fell in love with her writing and knew I needed to read her novel.

I really enjoyed this debut. It was a quick, entertaining read that I tore through in the midst of college finals. It was a lovely distraction from the stress of exams, and the story was one that was completely new to me. I’d never read anything like it; the main character was a writer and the story revolved around her writing and how she used the men in her life to create her stories.

While some of the writing was a little wordy where it didn’t need to be, most of it was beautiful. The constant onslaught of detail could have been toned down, though. I’d rather have imagined certain things myself. 

The poetry was absolutely amazing. I don’t always love poetry, but this was… just stunning.

While some of what happened seemed like a bit of a stretch (the male star of the main character’s novel’s movie adaptation being with her), the other relationships that developed made up for how I felt about Sera’s relationship (if you can call it that) with Tristan.

There were a lot of other relationships, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Gemma is someone I want to be friends with. Seriously. So much love for that girl.

Tristan… Tristan I hated from the beginning, and that continued to throughout. He really just needed to hop off and leave.

Chace. Oh boy, I’m not sure how I felt about him. I don’t think I was able to really understand his character because the story was so focused on how Sera saw him the entire time. I didn’t get the chance to make up my mind about him before the story ended. Though I did appreciate that little look into his perspective in the epilogue.

The plot was awesome. The romance was a refreshing step away from instalove, it burned slow and kept me holding on, waiting for the moment Sear and Chace finally came together.

I gave Burning Muses 3/5 stars, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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Jennifer Rogue is a part time writer and a full time reader. She is currently going through edits for her first novel, Burning Muses, set to release in April.

Jennifer is signed with Radiant Sky Publishing Group. A kick ass group of creatives determined to change the world.

When not frolicking in the world of words she is devouring sushi, bossing her cat around, and buying new pairs of converse.



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