Review: Breathe In by Martha Sweeney


I have eight golden rules when it comes to men: 
1. No dating or going out on dates.
2. Never let them know where I live. Lie if I must.
3. Never pick up a guy in a particular social setting that I may frequently attend. Or, never sleep with a man whom I have the chance of running into on a regular basis.
4. Never have a guy over to my apartment for any reason. My gay best friends are the only exceptions.
5. Always end things before a guy starts to want more.
6. Always use protection.
7. Never sleep over at their place after sex. Once we’ve finished, or in most cases, they’ve finished, dress and leave.
8. Always have more than one exit strategy.

Orphaned at age sixteen, Emma, now twenty-four, has complete control of her life. She is a private, successful business woman who owns two companies and uses men for sex. When Emma’s sexual itch arises, and there are no possible male suitors to fill her need, she finds alternative means. Emma keeps most people at a distance, especially the men she has sex with, except her two best friends, Maggie and Jared. She adheres to her eight golden rules that keep her in complete control — rules that she started after having sex with the first man. Rules that keep her guarded, safe and free — but then, along came Joe Covelli.

Breathe In is about a young woman named Emma who escaped a pretty traumatic past and is now living in Pasadena. She is an extremely strong character who runs her own, very successful business(es), and has two amazing friends, Maggie and Jared.

I found the story to start off a bit slow, and really felt as though I was given needless details about some things, but the pace did eventually pick up after we met Joe Covelli (go figure).

Joe was the perfect book boyfriend. He had the perfect combination of sarcasm, charm, and genuine class. He is the complete package, and he’s seemingly perfect for Emma.

Except she doesn’t date.

I thoroughly enjoyed the friendship that grew between the two of them, and I really appreciated his respect for her and her rules when it came to men. That’s not to say I didn’t totally love it when he got all frisky and daring, because I absolutely did.

I really believe that it is important to showcase the strength of the main character Emma. In both her personal life and her professional one, where she excels in basically everything she takes on, she is level-headed and smart.

When it came to Joe, I like that he messed with her routine. I think that’s exactly what she needed, and it was entertaining to watch them toy with each other, especially near the end.

Speaking of the end… well, I’ll talk about that in a minute.

Maggie was an absolutely amazing friend, as was Jared, but man, he and Nathan really needed to learn when to keep their mouths shut. Emma’s friends are her family, and I loved the idea that family doesn’t always need to be related by blood, and I absolutely agree.

While I’m talking about family I need to mention this. It’s been nagging at me since I read it. DID JOE’S MOM SOMEHOW KNOW EMMA’S MOM? Because when Emma met her she said something about her looking familiar, that she looked like an old friend. Maybe I read too far into it, but it stuck out to me.

THE END. OH MY LORD, THAT ENDING. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I should have seen it coming, it fit Emma’s character, but I felt completely blindsided and panicky the entire time she was fleeing.

It was the perfect ending to make me want to blow everything off and rush right into the sequel, which I plan on doing as soon as possible.

I gave Breathe In 4/5 stars.

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