5 Quick Writing Tips

As I am trying my best to post every other day, here is another new post. 

So, writing. I love it and hate it with equal measure. You feel? It’s an amazing escape — as is reading — it is also a great way to explore your inner thoughts.

I’ve read dozens of blog posts and websites about writing, and so I thought I’d create my own post about writing tips that I find helpful when I’m trying to get those words out.

1. Carry a notebook with you. Everywhere.

This tip is especially important. How many times have you been out and about without anything to write on and an awesome plot idea hits you. Yeah, me too. It sucks. I’ve been known to type it into my phone, but just find it easier to carry around a little notebook (one small enough to fit in my bag) and a pen.

2. Create a playlist. Spotify and 8tracks are awesome.

I can’t write without music. At least I’ve never tried to. Music is inspiration to me while I’m writing. There is a song for every scene, I promise. You just have to find the right music that works with what you’re writing. Currently, I’m obsessed with BANNERS, Daughter, Halsey, and tons more. I always like to create a playlist on Spotify before I start writing. I have an idea in my head of the type of scene I’m going to be writing, and I find songs that compliment that.

3. Make a WIP inspiration board on Pinterest. Trust me, visual aids help!

Pinterest is amazing. I create boards for basically all of my projects before I really get into them. I find it helps to visualize what my characters look like, where they live, work, go to school, etc. Creating a board to pin pictures to is a perfect way to help create a picture in your mind, and I find that it makes my characters seem more real, which helps me to write them.

4. Plan.

You don’t know how many times I’ve gone ahead with writing random scenes — spent hours writing — and had no idea what to do with them. They sound awesome, but they don’t mean anything for the story. Planning/Plotting helps with this. Knowing what you need to write going in is helpful, though it may take away from spontaneity. However, once you start writing your characters into a story, you might be surprised where they take you — it’s not always where you planned. This is one of my favourite parts about writing.

5. Do research on things/topics you aren’t sure of.

If  want to include something in your story that you don’t know too much about, that’s cool. Just do some research so you know what you’re talking about in your story. The research should be fun if it’s something you’re passionate about, and even if it isn’t, knowing it’s important to the integrity of your story is pretty encouraging.

Go forth and write all the words!

What are some tips you would share with aspiring writers?

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