Review: A Diamond in the Rough by Elisa Marie Hopkins


25-year-old model Sophia Cavall has a seemingly nice life walking the runway until she begins to receive death threats through social media and is almost kidnapped by a masked figure. She tries to fight off her assailant, but luckily the attempt ends in failure when mysterious business magnate Oliver Black intervenes. 

Sophie doesn’t know it, but the stakes are high: her life and her heart. Desperately needing support, she turns to a few trusted people, and to Oliver most of all. But can he be trusted, who speaks the truth, and the question on everyone’s lips: who is the man in the mask? 

Her checkered past returns to entangle her. She will come to realize that it is not dead after all…it is still very much alive. 


I’d seen the cover of this book floating around the internet for awhile, so when the author contacted me offering a review copy I jumped at the chance.
The beginning of the story felt familiar to me. I found certain similarities between it and Bared to You by Sylvia Day, but after reading further I discovered the story was unique. It was fast paced and edgy, I couldn’t put it down! The writing was just so fun to read, and the characters were super entertaining. Both Sophie and Oliver had their moments where I wanted to shake them, but that was part of what kept me so interested in reading about the two of them. Their relationship may not have been perfect (it really wasn’t, like, at all), but it was really beautiful to read about.
After the initial kidnapping attempt, Oliver’s position at the modeling agency Sophie worked for made me a bit suspicious, I was waiting for the shoe to drop, to find out that he was behind the kidnapping, but I was pleased to discover that was not to case. However, he wasn’t completely innocent.
At some point in their relationship Oliver become very possessive which irked me. Half the time he treated Sophie like she was strictly business, and the other half he was sweet and, well, yum. It was so back and forth I could see why Sophie was getting so frustrated with him.
I’m not sure theirs is a relationship I would root for outside of this story, but it worked within it. I enjoyed every page; the drama, the romance (when Oliver wasn’t being a little shit), the action, everything!
Another thing, Jess’s boyfriend. Can he get out? Permanently? I don’t think I could ever like him, not after what he did… and how did Sophie not tell her about it?! Also, domestic abuse? Not okay. Ever. Had I been in the position Sophie was I would have had to do something about it. I couldn’t stand there and see someone I care about in pain like that and not do something.
My hopes for the next book are basically getting to see a healthy, fun, and loving relationship grow between Sophie and Oliver. And more witty banter between the two of them! That was my favourite part!
I absolutely loved A Diamond in the Rough! I gave it 4/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun, romantic read with lots of action packed drama.
You can add A Diamond in the Rough on Goodreads here.
Elisa Marie Hopkins was born in California, where she grew up, to Mexican parents. She is an avid reader, Netflix geek, dancing machine, and cat aficionado. Hopkins has a Computer Science Engineering degree, but doesn’t consider herself a software guru. What she wants most is to write and share stories that have the power to inspire and motivate, stories that will live in the hearts of readers forever.

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